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The Yacht Week – what’s it about?

Up until this time last year I had never heard of the yacht week, a series of events led me to a new friend and a yacht week veteran. The more I heard the more I felt like it was exactly the kind of thing I would love! Sun, sea, partying, meeting people from all over the world and trying something new. 

I was part of the yacht week Croatia and it was the first time I had ever been in Croatia and it was a stunning place that made the best impression, I will definitely be returning. 

The yacht week is a company that organise a fleet of yachts that start sailing a pre set route for 1 week. Along the route there are organised parties, djs and events. It was such an amazing experience and I can’t compare it to anything else. 

I had 2 friends I wanted to do the yacht week with and as most yachts require around 10 members we needed more people! A quick search led us to a facebook page “crew finder” through this we found a group of Australians and a Canadian looking for 3 girls to join their crew, ideal! The people we shared the yacht with turned out to be one of the best groups of people I have met, we instantly clicked. 

The yacht week was so well organised and that helped me feel like I could relax and have fun and made me so care free for the week. We paid for a skipper for our yacht (most crews do as it means that the crew can relax and have fun and they don’t have to worry about drinking and sailing)! 

I will be making more detailed posts on packing for and tips for the yacht week. If there is any particular things you would like included let me know! 


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