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Spring Refresh

Spring has arrived and with that comes spring cleaning and packing away the winter woolies (well almost time for that). With that in mind I spent this weekend refreshing my wardrobe, my skin and my hair! 

First step was a pamper session and a bubble bath 

Nothing says pamper session like a bubble bath and face mask! To prepare my hair for being coloured the next day I also gave my hair a nourishing mask. As always my bath bomb was from lush. 

Next on the list was hair, I have been dying my hair blonde and trying to grow it long for years, my hair was dead and starting to go yellow. With that in mind I have been trying to get my hair an ashier blonde and I got 4 inches cut off the ends! It was much needed 

This spring I have been loving pale blues and greys, a bit of a change from my usual black from head to toe! 

Sunday was Mother’s Day so the day was spent spoiling all the mothers in my life. First stop was Mount Juliet Estate for breakfast with my boyfriends mother and then for a walk through the gardens, it’s great seeing the flowers in bloom again! 

My mammy spent the morning with my youngest and then came home for dinner with myself, Conor and Daddy. Overall an amazing weekend and I’m well and truly in the spring mood.

I hope the sun is shining wherever you are! 


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