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Elephant Nature Park – Thailand

unnamed (31).jpgElephant Nature Park was one of the definite highlights of any of my travels. ENP is a sanctuary for elephants from all over Thailand. Unfortunately the tourist trade in Thailand has resulted in poaching and cruelty to elephants in a bid to train the young to allow tourists to ride them and to go trekking.

ENP is a rescue for the animals affected by the tourist trade as well as those injured by the logging industry and land mines. The work they do is so admirable they also aim to preserve and restore the forests and educate the public. 

unnamed-25There are a range of experiences available from single day to overnight stays with the option for a longer stay as a volunteer.

I decided to do an overnight stay – on this stay we fed the elephants, made them food, washed them in the river and learnt invaluable lessons about elephants, culture, nature and how much one person can do to change the lives of so many.

Another amazing effort of ENP is rescuing dogs, so many rescued dogs roam free throughout the park. Many of these dogs needed to be rehomed as a result of floods in Bangkok.




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