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Elephant Nature Park – Thailand

Elephant Nature Park was one of the definite highlights of any of my travels. ENP is a sanctuary for elephants from all over Thailand. Unfortunately the tourist trade in Thailand has resulted in poaching and cruelty to elephants in a bid to train the young to allow tourists to ride them and to go trekking.… Continue reading Elephant Nature Park – Thailand

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The Giants Causeway – Ireland

Recently I went to visit the Giants Causeway on the northern coast of Ireland, I had never been before and it really was amazing!  The Giants Causeway is famous for the hexagon shaped rocks created by volcanic eruptions meeting the cold sea, there is nothing else like it.  We arrived just before the site closed… Continue reading The Giants Causeway – Ireland

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Thailand – Overnight Train Guide

Overnight trains are a favourite amongst backpackers when in Thailand. They are a cheap, safe and scenic way to travel. Many local Thai people use the overnight trains to travel so you know they have to be good! Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your overnight train… Continue reading Thailand – Overnight Train Guide